Working with Hasbro

Posted: September 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hey All,

Some great news hit the trades today that I’m excited to finally share. Effective this month I’ll be joining Hasbro in a non-exclusive position. Acting as a Creative Consultant for all boys’ IPs is pretty much a dream position for an 80s kid like me. I grew up on Transformers and GI Joe, so to get to play in that sandbox and help grow those worlds (and others) feels like the kind of gig you can only land if you’ve made a deal with Zoltar.

For those of you who asked on Twitter and the Ratchet & Clank group what will happen to my feature work, the simple answer is “nothing” – that will continue. But when I’m not hammering away on the feature stuff, I’ll be with the talented folks at Hasbro helping to shape their already-amazing worlds. I can’t say much beyond that, but trust me when I say it’s an exciting time over there.

Hope to have more for you soon…


PS: To clarify on the press release, I was the Senior Writer on the R&C franchise for 7 years, but I did not create the franchise. That honor goes to Insomniac CEO Ted Price and Chief Creative Officer Brian Hastings.

  1. Tim V says:

    Hi TJ! Congratulations on the job! Now we can finally have the Jenga-G.I. Joe crossover of our dreams!

    And yes, I found the writing to be a bit poorly researched in the history department. But, that’s not to say that you DIDN’T make the biggest contributions to the franchise’s story thus far!

    • tjfixman says:

      I admit, I’m a little lost here. What history are you talking about? I have never worked on any GI Joe movie, as I just started the gig a few days ago. So, I guess, if this *is* a backhanded complement, I’ll just add a question mark and say “Thanks?”

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