E3 Scavenger Hunt 2015

Posted: June 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hey Friends!

As many of you know, last year I decided to use a scavenger hunt to motivate me to check out as much of Comic-Con as possible. You guys suggested some truly awesome ideas, and I had a lot of fun checking off as much of the list as I could (Special shout-out to the old dude in the kilt. You keep rocking it, sir.). I saw more of Comic-Con than I ever had before, and probably more than any sane man should see. So naturally, this year I thought it would be fun to do the same for E3.

So what do I need from you? Ideas! What games should I check out? Who should I visit? What should I ask them? Hit me up with some ideas by either DMing me, tweeting me, or leaving a comment here. I’ll post the lists before the event, and the results a day or two after once I have recovered and Purelled sufficiently.


  1. Tim V says:

    A long-term one: find as many games on the show floor as possible that you think will be either cancelled, delayed or go through a major overhaul. Take a fifteen minute break for each one as they happen later in the year!

    A smaller one: find as many people wearing Ratchet-related clothing as possible. Bonus points if you can snap a picture of one duking it out with a Sunset Overdrive one!

  2. Cyrax says:

    First things first, you gotta cosplay as stone cold steve austin. Repeatedly ask people to give you a hell yeah and interrupt their sentences with a periodic “What?” Its not rude if you stay in character.

    New Hitman game.

    New Ratchet n Clank. (If its there, ask Insom if theres gonna be a new RYNO or a RYNO 1 redux) Also Zurkon. Bring back Zurkon.

    Uncharted 4, and then ask ND about Jak 4.

    Street Fighter V.

    Last Guardian (lol)

    God of War 4 (if its there)

    Halo 5

    Ask Ubisoft about a new Prince of Persia, and when they dodge the question tell them to man up and make new prince of persia dammit.

    Ask CliffyB about Gears 4, and when he dodges the question tell him to man up and spill the beans about Gears 4 dammit.

    Ask all the Batman cosplayers if they are more about Justice or Vengeance.

    Also stay hydrated and don’t shake anyone’s hand. Stranger danger.

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