One Night on the Hudson

Posted: March 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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After a year and a half of writing, rewriting, and packaging, we finally announced One Night on the Hudson this past Friday. Needless to say, this marked a red-letter day in my career. I’ve been fortunate to work on a lot of fun projects in video games, comics, and animation—but this is my first live-action project. For many writers (perhaps all), it’s the brass ring. And the cast—well, you couldn’t ask for a better one.

After the agents did their thing and the deal was inked, I couldn’t help but sit on the Insomniac balcony and think about the long road here. Those of you who follow this blog or my ramblings on Twitter know I’ve been working in games and comics since 2007, but throughout the process everyone kept excitedly referring to me as a “new writer.” In a way, they’re right. Yes, I have been writing professionally for some time, but every new medium carries with it a new process, a new set of rules, and a new set of people to prove yourself to. This may not be my first foray into the feature world, but it’s certainly the first to get picked up by a studio. I’m officially in uncharted waters, and I love the thrill of it.

The best part about the project so far is how excited and involved Charlie, Jason, Seth, and producers are. Everyone on board has offered tweaks and feedback that have made the script stronger, funnier, and more engaging. This isn’t a throwaway action-comedy: we want this to be something you remember and enjoy and quote to your friends.

I can’t go into it further just yet, but I’m excited for the road ahead. I’m already taking some interesting meetings, and I have a few more things to announce in the coming months. 2013 is going to be a chaotic year for me—but I look forward to tackling it and hopefully giving you guys something incredible.

Or at least something good enough to keep the phone ringing and the lights on.

— TJ

  1. Tim van der Meij says:

    Congrats TJ!

  2. Jackie Weyrauch says:

    Ever since I read your first feature script way back when, I knew this day would come, and I’m so dang proud of you. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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